40,000 households get improved full water service in Malolos

PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp. said its joint venture with City of Malolos Water District (CMWD) has brought 24-hour water supply service to more than 40,000 households in Malolos, Bulacan.

In a statement on Friday, PrimeWater said its partnership with CMWD began in 2018.

The joint venture aspires to ensure water security for the future of the city by significantly investing in a reliable water source system and infrastructure to address the increasing  demand of the population.

The company said water supply and pressure have been a great challenge in the city’s water distribution in previous years when only four barangays out of 65 experience 24-hour water supply before the joint venture partnership.

Currently, more than half or 44 barangays now enjoy the fully maximized water supply in the city, it said.

“We are on-track in fulfilling our commitment of ensuring supply of clean potable water to the residents of Malolos and Paombong,  we aim to be able to make water available to as many communities as possible,” said Cezar Ong, PrimeWater operations head of North Luzon.

CMWD and PrimeWater Malolos have jointly undertaken expansion projects to support  the economic demand  in the City of Malolos and Municipality of Paombong.

Among the major developments that led to the improvement of water supply is the completion of several pipelaying programs including the interconnection to Bulacan Bulk Water Infrastructure, marking an increased availability of water supply to the residents in the area, the company said.

Previously, 100% of the water supply in Malolos came from ground water sources with heavy dependence on deep well systems, it said.

The company said the connection to Bulacan Bulk Water has enabled more water supply with surface water coming in from these connections with treated surface water usage going up continuously with 35% in 2019 to 71% as of March 2021, also decreasing dependence on groundwater sourcing.

A total of 18,870 linear meters of pipelines have also been installed to support the said Bulacan Bulk Infrastructure.

Currently, CMWD and Primewater Malolos have more than 53,000 active service connections with a service coverage of 61 out of the city’s 65 total barangays.

Ongoing development programs and engineering innovations are in the pipeline to address the demands of the existing and potential customers in their served areas, the company said. -MDM, GMA News

Source: GMA News | PrimeWater says over 40K households in Malolos now have 24-hour water supply

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