PrimeWater innovation bags two awards at Asian Tech Excellence Awards

PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp.’s Leak Tagging App and Asset Registry and Performance Monitoring Software bag awards during the 2023 Asian Technology Excellence Awards for web technology and software in utilities held in Bangkok, Thailand recently.

PrimeWater was among the list of outstanding companies from all over Asia to be recognized by the prestigious body for their efficient service in improving water management through their advanced leak detection and asset management within pipeline networks.

“We are honored to receive this recognition, and this drives us to further innovate so that we can continuously improve our services to our customers,” says Atty Cezar Ong, vice president for joint venture operations.

The cloud-based application and software proved to bring convenience and accessibility to PrimeWater’s operations as they enable the more efficient monitoring and detection of leakages in the pipeline network. This enabled PrimeWater branches to act promptly on leakages that needed repair, resulting in the reduction of water losses or non-revenue water (NRW), which is one of the main challenges in water distribution especially in areas with aging pipes.

Over a year after the Leak Tagging App was developed in 2022, the company was able to repair at least 42,000 leaks which added 6.77 million liters per day of available water supply to its more than 50,000 more people in its served areas. The app is a digital tool that can help determine the real causes of leaks as well as locate the concentration of leaks in the water system. With these data, it becomes easy for water managers to make sound decision as to where to focus maintenance resources and whether to replace the lines or continue maintaining them.

The Asset Registry Software, on the other hand, is designed to record all the infrastructures (including the pipelines) and their conditions and operational settings to aid management in resolving day-to-day issues. Efficient asset inventory eventually leads to better asset management to make operations more efficient.

“Water losses from leakages or broken meters or what is called NRW are indeed among the greatest challenges faced by water districts across the country; and we are proud that through our partnership with them, we are able to share our technology for the benefit of almost 1.8 million households in our served areas,” adds Mr. Ernie Delco, Technical Audit Group Head for PrimeWater. The digital approaches also reduce inefficiencies and help PrimeWater branches in constituting informed decisions on future projects based on the data collected by the software. The initiatives also strengthen PrimeWater’s commitment to constant innovation and development through the latest digital tools as part of its sustainable management of water resources and efficient operation of water distribution not just today but for future generations.

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